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July 2019

As an accredited member of both the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) and the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) Heritage College and Seminary is committed to the effective fulfillment of the mission of Heritage College and Seminary as well as the distinct mission statements of Heritage College and Heritage Seminary. As such faculty, staff, administration, and board regularly review and assess all aspects of the institution for its educational effectiveness. Heritage engages annually in a full institutional review in May or August. Individual departments do assessments more often as needed. Various qualitative and quantitative assessment strategies are used (e.g. grade reports, student course surveys, graduating student questionnaires, board member surveys, financial reports, and more) to evaluate the quality of the full educational experience at Heritage College and Seminary. Findings are used to improve programs and services at Heritage.

Heritage College and Seminary has over 2600 alumni living in Canada, North America, and around the world.

Heritage College

The college enjoys a steady enrollment of about 150-160 students. Based on a typical undergraduate benchmark of time and a half of the prescribed program, the college enjoys a degree completion rate of:

  • BTh = 71%
  • BCM = 100%
  • BRE = 83%
  • BRE-Honours = 100%
  • BRE-Pre-Seminary (new degree option, data available in 2020)

* Based on the 2018 graduating class.

College 2018 graduates reported that the following aspects of life at Heritage contributed to their growth and development:

  1. classroom instruction,
  2. living on campus and interaction with other students,
  3. informal and formal times of prayer and worship including Tuesday chapel times, and
  4. required internships and work placements.

This is according to the annual Graduation Survey conducted by the College.

Our college alumni live and work in their communities in a multitude of vocations, ministries, and life realities. Many college students come for a one-year post-High School experience and move on to further education, employment, careers, and families. Many of our college degree graduates find employment in churches and other Christian ministry vocations, and a number of our college graduates go on to do graduate studies in theological and ministry studies.

Heritage Seminary

The seminary has steadily increased its enrollment since 2012 to about 180-190 students, with a full-time equivalency of about 90 students. While seeing more students studying full time, the trend is for students to study part time while being involved in ministry and other vocations. Based on a typical benchmark of time and a half of the prescribed program, the Seminary enjoys a degree completion rate of:

  • MDiv = 71%
  • MTS = 33%

* Based on the 2018 graduating class.

Heritage Seminary students report that the significant influences on their time in seminary, based on the ATS Graduating Student Questionnaire (GSQ) include supportive faculty, quality academic experience, personal faith respected, challenged, and caused to grow, and integrating academic learning with both faith and ministry preparation.

The seminary has over 575 graduates serving Christ and his kingdom in Canada and around the world. Our graduates serve as pastors, missionaries, chaplains, counsellors, campus workers, church ministry directors, church planters, teachers and academics. Others of our graduates serve faithfully in their churches as leaders, mentors, and active congregations members bringing their theological and ministry training to their roles in their ministries, families, and vocations.