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The mission of Counselling & Academic Support Services is to assist students to define and accomplish personal, academic, and vocational goals. Help is provided by a dedicated General and Academic Counsellor in addition to the Dean of Student Services, faculty members, or through referral to outside service.

Personal Counselling

Personal Counselling is available through Student Services in areas of personal concerns, educational challenges, interpersonal relationships, career development, vocational choice, crisis intervention, and family and social problems. Group sessions are available as needed.

Other Services

There are Faculty Advisors to assist regarding specific academic problems such choosing courses & workload. The Registrar’s office will assist with respect to registration, transfers to and from other educational institutions, and other related issues.

Academic Counselling

Counselling is available in Student Services for help with study skills, time management, peer tutoring, and some learning disabilities.

Click here to download our Survivor’s Secrets handbook. This is an excellent academic tool.

Career Counselling

Career Counselling is available in the form of information, assessments, workshops, and individual counsel to foster self-understanding and decision making, and to aid students in developing skills for job searching/employment. If you are interested in Career Counselling talk to the General Counsellor or Dean of Student Services.