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What is the College Student Handbook for?

The College Student Handbook is an important resource for tracking activities throughout the school year. In September, it can seem like there are years until April. Then, one night, you're cramming for finals. Into eight short months you'll pack study, ministry, friends, and outings along with an occasional hour of sleep.

How can you keep track of all these activities and use your time wisely? How can you remember what's required of you? Use this book. Write down assignments and socials right away. Take the time to flip through the pages to become familiar with school policy. It will save you time and aggravation! There's no time like the present to begin getting organized.

In addition, remember: if you have any questions about the material you find in the handbook come see Student Services. The Handbook sets out for you certain requirements for you to follow as well as giving you essential information about Heritage.

 College Student Handbook