BackPreparation for Service in Missions


I had the fortunate experience to spend my high school years in Papua New Guinea where my parents were missionaries. When it came time to think about post-secondary education, I spent hours on the Internet researching Christian Colleges and Universities all across Canada. I received several application packages in the mail; and then the time came to fill them out.I still remember sitting down with my dad and looking at my top three choices. We spent some time praying about this next step in my life, and then we began to read.

Of the three schools I had carefully chosen, Heritage had the exact program I was looking for. My long term goal was to teach at a missionary school and Heritage had a program that would equip me to do that.Eight years later, Heritage has played a huge part in who I am today, and what I am able to accomplish. I learned how to not only teach children so they learn, but to teach them so they have fun. Integrating Godly lessons and principles into all lesson plans was stressed, and it is something that is always in the back of my mind. The teachers that taught me how to teach, taught not only by instruction, but also by example, pouring time and effort into me, which I try to do with my students.

I made some friendships at Heritage that I believe will be life long, and I had mentors that have challenged me and continue to be an encouragement.