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Recent Chapel Services

Chapel Apr-11, Dr. Rick Reed
Commissioning Chapel
Chapel Apr-4, Bartley Sawatsky
Chapel Mar-28, Dr. Rick Reed
Chapel Mar-21, Dr. Rick Reed

Ministry Leadership Day 2017

March 23, 2017

Session 1, Tim Challies
Session 2, Tim Challies
Session 3, Tim Challies
Session 4, Panel Discussion

Arts Week 2017

March 14 – 16

Session 1, Lee Brubacher
Session 1, with Worship Team
Session 2, Lee Brubacher
Session 2, with Worship Team

Missions Conference 2017

February 6 – 8, 2017

Session 1, Pastor Dave Roberts
Session 1, with Worship Team
Session 2, Pastor Dave Roberts
Session 2, with Worship Team
Session 3, Pastor Dave Roberts
Session 3, with Worship Team

Chapel Services

Chapel Mar-7, Ross Kearney
Chapel Feb-23, Mark Beach
Chapel Feb-16, Gino Dube
Chapel Feb-14, David Robinson
Chapel Feb-2, Andrew Melo
Chapel Jan-26, Dr. Doug Thomson
Chapel Jan-24, Gary Goodkey
Chapel Jan-19, Dan Shurr
Chapel Jan-17, Dr. Rick Reed
Dealing with Unfinished Business
Chapel Jan-12, Dr. Wayne Baxter