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Your Next Steps: I have my Acceptance Letter… now what?

1. Send in your Confirmation of Acceptance

A Confirmation of Acceptance form will be sent to you after you have been accepted to the school. Please complete this form and send it back to us as soon as possible. This will secure your place at Heritage. This is important for Heritage to know because some programs only accept a limited number of students into them. If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions Coordinator .

2. Apply to Residence/Off-Campus Housing

Residence Life at Heritage is oriented around community. Residence applications are based on a first-come, first-serve basis with priority given to full time students, so please apply early. For more information on applying to live in Residence, click here.

For information about Off-Campus Housing, please contact Student Services.

3. Registration Day

At the beginning of each term, there is a Registration Day for you to attend where you will meet with your Academic Advisor to choose courses, pay for your tuition and text books and get all of the details completed to register at Heritage. You will receive a Registration Day schedule after you have been accepted to the school.

4. Orientation

Orientation Days are a great way to meet other new students and get a feel for the campus and faculty. You will receive information about Orientation Day in the summer months.


The Finance Office will help to answer your questions you may have about applying to OSAP. Please contact our Finance Office at prior to applying to OSAP. For more information please look at the OSAP website.

6. Academic Preparation

Download the Survivors Secrets 2015  handbook. This tool will be of great assistance to you during your time at Heritage, and is worth looking over now as you prepare.